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As people age, the capsule and ligaments around the shoulder stiffen resulting to decreased flexibility in their shoulders. This lack of flexibility can sometimes cause problems around the shoulder (commonly bursitis and tendon wear) because of a lack of space for the structures to move.

The shoulder requires a large amount of movement, so you can reach overhead and then twist your arm behind your back. If your shoulders are stiff and inflexible, then this can restrict your movement and place pressure on the tissues around your shoulder – and can result in shoulder pain.

We see this as a common cause of shoulder pain in people over the aged of 55 who do not have enough range of movement in their shoulder. While the physios at Auckland Shoulder Clinic can help with specific stretches targeted to promote movement and decrease your stiffness, the yoga poses demonstrated in this photo may be a good place to start.

The first pose really helps to increase the movement across the front of the chest and if you sit at your desk all day, hunched over your computer, this will be a great place to start. The second pose increases your extension and your external rotation, vital if you want to reach out to the side away from you. The final pose stretches you overhead and ensures you can keep reaching overhead without pain. Try these exercises and stay supple and flexible to ward of shoulder pain.

Remember that the exercises shouldn’t be painful and if you want more specific individual advice, call the clinic for an appointment (093666457)

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