Return to Sport (SARTS)

We have developed a battery of tests to examine whether people who have had a shoulder injury are ready to return to playing their sport. Margie has studied these tests on her research fellowship at University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA with Professor Tim Uhl and found them to be excellent tests which examine shoulder function.

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Book a test before you return to sport

We have combined our Shoulder Arm Return To Sports (SARTS) tests with a combination of other tests which have been researched to bring you the latest in shoulder testing.

Testing is $180 per session (90 minutes) and sessions need to be booked 1 week in advance.

When you call up to make your booking, you will be sent some of the exercises to practice before you come in. That way, we know you have had time to prepare for the testing and can give it your best. Some of the tests you will need to practice, and some of them will be new to you when you come in for your assessment.

Return to sport exercises

We have developed a selection of exercises for our Return to Sport clients. Check out the video below so you can practice them before you come in for your assessment. There will also be other tests of your strength and reaction time, so make sure you are not fatigued prior to testing.

Book Now

If you would like to have your shoulder tested before your return to sport, you can book online or at the clinic.

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