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Margie Olds

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Margie Olds specialises in the management of shoulder injuries and is well regarded nationally and internationally for her clinical and research work in the area of shoulder rehabilitation.

Her passion for shoulder rehabilitations has extended to her having designed and developed a specific shoulder brace for use in sport and she is the Founder of ‘Flawless Motion’.

Margie’s PhD investigated shoulder instability after a first-time shoulder dislocation. She is the founder and owner of the Auckland Shoulder Clinic and passionate about sharing her expertise with other therapists.

Margie has been awarded Physiotherapy Specialist status from the NZ Physio Board, one of only a few in New Zealand, and the only one in Auckland.

Margie Olds – Research

Margie’s research (referenced below) focuses on improving the clinical impact of rehabilitation on people with shoulder injuries, particularly in the area of shoulder instability.

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