Calcific Tendinitis

Calcific tendinitis in your shoulder refers to the calcium deposits that can accumulate in your shoulder.

Suffering from Calcific Tendinitis?

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The pain from calcific tendinitis presents much like somebody who has impingement (see here for further information on shoulder impingement). People with calcific tendinitis has pain lifting or loading their tendon, such as lifting overhead, reaching away from your body. Sometimes it is difficult to reach around to get your hand behind you back.

While it is possible to get calcium deposits in other tendons, the most common tendon for calcium deposits is the supraspinatus.

People with calcific tendinitis commonly have flare ups of excruciating pain in their shoulder for no apparent reason. This pain may be worse at night, and can make sleeping difficult.

Your physiotherapist can help diagnose calcific tendinitis by referring you for an X-Ray. The X-Ray will pick up the calcium deposits (mineralisation) in your tendon.

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