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Research Study

Pradnya is currently undertaking her research Masters at AUT. She is looking for participants who have had a shoulder dislocation or had surgery for a shoulder dislocation.

If you are interested in finding out more and want to participate in the study, call the clinic, or contact Pradnya directly at pradnya@shoulderphysio.co.nz

Background to research

Anterior shoulder instability is a common injury in individuals who play contact or collision type of sports e.g. rugby. The incidence of recurrent shoulder dislocation after the first episode of injury is reported to be approximately 50% in young athletes under 25years of age. Shoulder stabilisation surgery is recommended to minimise the recurrences of shoulder dislocations in individuals who wish to return to competitive sports which place demands on their shoulder. Surgery attempts to restore anatomy and function at the shoulder. Our shoulder stability depends on the structural anatomy as well the neuromuscular control at the shoulder. The components of neuromuscular control include muscle strength, joint position sense and our ability to appreciate and interpret forces applied to the joint, also known as ‘force appreciation’. It is unknown whether force appreciation is restored after surgery when individuals are allowed to return to sports.

Background for Pradnya

Pradnya Gadkari is a Master of Health Science candidate at AUT and is doing a research study to examine force appreciation, muscle strength and physical performance after arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation surgery.


If you had surgery for anterior shoulder instability approximately six months ago and are cleared by your surgeon to participate in sports OR are scheduled for surgery in the next month or two, please contact Pradnya. If you are included in this study you will be required to attend a session at AUT North Shore which will involve muscle strength and force appreciation testing and asked to perform physical tests to assess your readiness to return to sports.

Pradnya Gadkari

Contact: 021919620
Email: pradnya@shoulderphysio.co.nz

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